Level I Intro Flight & Ground School

25 Hours

Skills Objectives: Take an introductory one hour flight. The student will be able to take the controls and feel what it is like to be a pilot. They will then enter ground school training where they’ll learn about the basics of flight, careers, weather, avionics and the history of aviators.

Student Expectation: Each student will be expected to study the material, come to each class prepared with questions and show diligence in learning the material. School work comes first always. Our professional instructors are donating their time so expectations are high for each student to take the program seriously.

Learn To Fly

Level II Private Pilot

40 Hours of Flying

Skills Objectives: Learn how to navigate, communicate and aviate safely in a small airplane that is easy to fly and land.

Student Expectation: Each student will be expected to continue to keep their grades up and stay out of trouble. All participants will be flying an airplane and will need to study material, watch videos and maintain a good attitude with all interactions with their instructor. Each instructor will be donating their time so we ask each student to show respect and gratitude.

Now the student has become a pilot, they can teach others, earn a living and progress on to their goal of becoming a professional pilot. The levels below are completed outside of our program. However, we do assist, guide and counsel each student to help them reach their goals as needed.

Level III Commercial Flying

400-800 Hours of Flying

Skills Objectives: Become a certified flight instructor, build hours and advance in skills through flying more complicated aircraft while teaching others to fly more simple training aircraft.

Funding required: At this phase of their aviation career, our team will help each student find aviation grants and if needed, student loans to pay for the rest of their flight time and instruction. Each student will need to become a commercial pilot and then a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) so they can get paid while building flight time.

Career Goal Hired by a Major Airline

Potential Salary = $100K+

Skills Objectives: Once the pilot has flown about 500 hours, they can start applying for positions in major airlines. The airlines will then take over all instruction and pay the pilot a salary while going through this phase.

Funding required: None needed in this phase.

Come Back and Serve Inspire Others by Speaking, Teaching & Training

Return and Serve: It is our hope that pilots who come through this program will come back and serve in their communities to inspire, sponsor and guide other teens to follow in their path.

Funding required: None needed in this phase.