Please see below for many questions and answers to how Urban Flight Club works and our process for helping as many at-risk teens as possible.

Urban Flight Club has a board of 13-15 people that review every application. They are looking for need, ability to complete the training process, desire to become a pilot, support in the home and many other factors. The selection process is not based on race or ethnicity.

It takes about 4-8 weeks to complete the ground school training. Once that is done, flight training begins in a small aircraft. The student needs to complete 40 hours of flying, which usually takes about 4-6 months. Once that is done, additional certificates and training is required which takes another 6-8 months. Once that is completed, the student can become a flight instructor so they can both earn money and build time in an airplane. This process usually takes about 1-2 years, while earning an income as a flight instructor.

In total, it takes about 2-3 years to complete the entire process to be hired by a major airline, but to start to earn a living flying (as a flight instructor) takes only about 1 year.

The donations are spent by paying for books, manuals, checklists, fuel, aircraft rental, maintenance and insurance for each student.

Each dollar donated is precious and serious to Urban Flight Club. We have an annual audit and open our books to the public for transparency. Our directors do not take a salary and donate their time and efforts to helping those in the program. Because of the kindness of our instructors, we have reduced the cost of becoming a pilot by 75%.

We also expect our students to take personal responsibility over their lives and training. We help them get about halfway through their training and expect them to get themselves through the other half. Our team will guide each student every step of the way so they will never be on their own.

Urban Flight Club feels that aviation training is the first step in helping these kids earn their way out of poverty.

We have resources nationwide and can take applications from any area.

There is no age requirement to apply but you have to be 15 to start ground school and 16 to become a private pilot.

We ask each student to sign a contract that states they will complete the homework, show up on time, excel in school and stay out of trouble. Each student must do well in ground school in order to progress to the flight school. They also must show an improvement in their school grades if below a 3.0 and show respect, interest and aptitude for aviation. It isn’t for everyone so the ground school is one of the best ways to weed out those who won’t cut it as a pilot.

If they can’t make it through the ground school, we have other options like aviation mechanics and other career options for each child.

There is no cost to the child to get through our program.

Professional pilot, certified flight instructor, aviation tour guide, helicopter pilot, military career, air host, aviation mechanic and many more careers.

Yes, for both boys and girls.

Each student will be asked to give service to others in their community. Urban Flight Club also has speakers, workshops and resources for families such as adult career assistance programs and tutoring.

Ground school takes about 3-4 hours per week and lasts about 2 months. Flight training takes about the same amount of time weekly and lasts about 6 months.

Each student is trained in the history of flight, avionics, weather, navigation, emergency procedures in flight, how to take off, navigate and land safely and much more.

Yes, at the end of the program each student will be a private pilot that can fly solo anywhere across the US.

Yes, you will get a private pilot’s license that will never expire. A flight review every 2 years is required to stay current, but the license is for life.